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Boo Schexnayder- Complete Program Design for the Jumps

How to effectively plan & progress every element of jumps training ...from the runway to the track to the weight room.


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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with this program for any reason, we'll refund you 100% of what you paid. No Questions Asked! (We don't think it'll come to that, but we want you to feel confident you're getting exactly what you expect.)

Here Is Some Of What You'll Learn In This Program...

What Coaches Are Saying About Boo Schexnayder:

“Boo is a very intelligent individual who many respect in the track and field world. One thing I love about Boo's programs is the simplicity of drills and teachings. It's as he simplifies it not only for the athlete but coach as well!” Matthew Harmeyer, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI.

“I would definitely recommend any of Coach Schexnayder's programs. Through implementation of Coach Schexnayder's ideas and progressions, we have become one of the premier programs in our League despite only having a track and field program for 18 years. Over the past 5-7 years, materials from CTF and the Coaches that provide material including Coach Schexnayder have allowed for us to win multiple league/district individual championships.” Frank Miller, Jim Thorpe Area High School, Jim Thorpe, PA.

"As a high school coach from a cold weather environment and a team full of 'regular' athletes, I'm constantly amazed by Boo's ability to simplify concepts and teaching progressions in a way I can actually understand, explain and teach to my athletes. I've converted nearly all of my jumps training to conform to Boo's teachings and it has given new life to my program." - Latif Thomas, Providence RI

"The way that Boo presents information is easy to grasp. It is rooted in the fundamentals of the events and makes it easy to have your athletes improve. I coach at a small Division 1 university and have had multiple high level improvements. One male jumper went from 24'10.5 > 26'5.5" (LJ), 49'2.5 > 51'9 (TJ), and 6'11.75 > 7'3 (HJ). He also dropped his 100m from 10.89 to 10.52 during this time just from Boo's "jumps" training. Another male jumper improved from 21'7 > 23'1 (LJ), 45'1 > 46'9 (TJ), and 6'1 > 6'5 (HJ) A female jumper improved from 18'3 > 20'6 (LJ) Another female jumper improved from 18'0 > 19'6 (LJ) and 40'5 > 41'9 (TJ) Because of the foundation Boo's programs give me, I am always confident that I can take jumpers from any background and help them improve." - Joey Pacione, SIU Edwardsville, Edwardsville (Illinois)

"My favorite Boo program is every Boo program. Cheesy but true. His way of presenting material is in a way, advanced methods made simple. He has helped me become a better coach while making my athletes stronger and faster, with several national records last 2 seasons to show for it. We improved by leaps and bounds in the jumps (no pun intended,haha) this past season as well as all the sprint distances. As a coach, one must never stop digging and searching for ways to improve. As your athletes improve, so must you. Boo is an exellent teacher! Everyone will enjoy his programs. Both beginner, intermediate, and experienced coaches!" - Svein Tore Henriksen, Groruddalen Track & Field. Oslo, Norway