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CTF Sprints Master Class Series

Access > 10 hours of exclusive content featuring some of T&F's elite sprints coaches: Kebba Tolbert, Caryl Smith Gilbert, Tony Holler, Gabe Sanders, and Marc Mangiacotti.


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Yes, Add Dave Cusano - Advanced Coaching Systems

ONE-TIME OFFER: Eventually you reach a point in coaching where no new training theory or workout progression has the power to reverse the effective system you’ve developed over the years. So how do highly successful coaches continue to drive significant & impactful improvements to their programs? They create superior SYSTEMS for administrative, planning, & team/event group policies and procedures. In this 4.5 hour Zoom Master Class recording, Dave Cusano (Colby College) & Latif Thomas break down the advanced coaching systems they’ve developed in their combined 36 years of coaching. This event sold out in <20 hours. Get full access + unlimited Q&A support. Add ‘Advanced Coaching Systems’ for only $19…60% OFF WHEN YOU ADD THIS PROGRAM TO YOUR ORDER.]

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't happy with this program, request a refund within 90 days for a FULL refund. No questions asked.

Here's What You Get:

What Coaches Are Saying About This Program:

"I thought the format of the Sprint Master Class was outstanding. Having the various coaches share their knowledge and expertise, in their respective fields, I felt, was invaluable. The efforts in putting together such a program were clearly evident. Thank you!"

"I thought this was an extraordinary event. Each presenter was well prepared and presented their information extremely well. Their individual thought processes and willingness to accept and exchange ideas clearly makes them leaders in the coaching profession. To be so generous with their time was very much appreciated. The clinic could not have come at a better time, and it was an exceptional panel of clinicians!"

"Being a younger coach, I found it incredibly useful to see how coaches at the next level do things. A lot of my beliefs and views were challenged and it really made me re-evaluate why I include certain things in my program currently. Caryl really made me think about the "why" and I constantly had to remind myself of what you always say Latif, which is that I don't need to look at any of this as gospel and copy things blindly, but take what I like and adapt it to my current situation. I liked Gabe's point about how we are developing our abilities to become better chefs and master our own recipes."

"Kebba was great as always. Gabe was excellent and well spoken. BUT I have to say: Marc's was *amazing*. It was extremely well done. Relatable yet informational. It gave statistics and facts while simultaneously making sure you cater to each individual. Marc’s was a great end to the week.