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Dave Cusano - Advanced Coaching Systems

Colby College head T&F coach Dave Cusano break down team & administrative systems, policies, & protocols. (4 1/2 hours)


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1-TIME OFFER: Get immediate access to the powerful presentation Coach Cusano delivered at the Complete Track and Field Clinic. This unique and 'outside the box' approach to strength and power training for speed development had our jaws on the table. Minds were blown and that's not hyperbole. Add the 'Specific Strength for Sprints/Hurdles' Bonus to your order for only $9. That's 75% off the regular price ...but only if you order now. 

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What Coaches Said After Attending Dave Cusano's 'Advanced Coaching Systems'

“Both days were incredible. Having you field questions for us, provide additional insight, and inviting a quality guest speaker in Dave Cusano was invaluable. There are so many great things to talk about and I’d hate to miss any of them, but some of my best takeaways included actually being able to identify and now apply, Information vs Knowledge, not thinking like a Track and Field coach, overall team management and effective roster management. Dope stuff man. Having less seasoned coaches on my staff put a lot of things into perspective to make me a better leader and mentor.” - Darrell Reed

"I was really impressed with Coach Cusano. I've been coaching football long before track and field and it was interesting to hear a track coach talk from a similar perspective. I was so impressed by his organization and commitment to excellence in the smallest of details. His analytics chart and "play sheet" if you will of warmups, exercises, etc. really made me think about consolidating all my knowledge into an easy working document for the athletes. I would 100% recommend this for any coach." - John Manning

“My favorite part was from Day 1 when Coach Cusano brought out his Master Sheet. Since this is my first year as a head coach, I have consistently been looking for a better way to organize my thoughts while empowering my assistant coaches so they have a similar mindset and really focus on a path to getting better (progressions, avoiding staleness, allowing for rest, etc...). The 2nd best part was when you chimed in, asked questions and at one point introduced your own sheet. I am always searching the internet and reading books to better my platform and that was something that I have not been able to find anywhere.” - Oscar Molina