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How To Teach Exact Acceleration Step Spacings For Every Level of Sprinter, Hurdler, and Jumper!


Here's Everything You Get When You Purchase Today:

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The Progressive Acceleration Blueprint™

Get one metric *and* one imperial (thick 10mm laminated) copies instead of one because bringing the wrong tape measure will ruin your whole practice!

[$197 Value]

The 'No BS' Vince Anderson Acceleration Interview

How to approach acceleration in innovative new ways (I don't want to hear the same old talking points either... so I didn't ask the same old questions in this 90+ minute interrogation...)

[$97 Value]

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Vince's Updated 'Wicket Drill' Spacings Chart

How to set up his popular VMax spacing progressions (because they have to able to hold it together as they hit new top speeds!)

[$47 Value]

Unlimited Q&A Support with Coach Anderson

How to guarantee you don't go off the rails when questions come up (and they will!)

[$197 Value]

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Here's How To Get Your Progressive Acceleration Blueprints Right Now

To get instant access to the Progressive Acceleration Blueprint™ Bonus items and get all 4 laminated charts shipped to you right away, just fill out the form below when it appears. After your purchase is complete, you'll be given access to our Private Members Area where all the bonuses will be instantly available. I'll see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If an athlete hits every spacing does it mean they’ll achieve that time or distance?

Probably, but not definitely. There are too many variables at play. The most effective approach is to use the blueprints as guides for progressing pushing ability and consistency for you and your athletes. If your 11.0 kid stops pushing after 3 steps they don't know what that means. But when they can see they're behind (or overstriding) the marks for that 11.0 spacing, it gives them something visible to use to work through the reasons. I often use the spacings with varsity kids when I leave them on their own so I can coach other groups. There are no magic bullets in training!

How do I use it when I have a big range of performances on my team and limited space?

Focus on your faster and more skilled athletes who need new ways to progress skill and consistency, aka your points scorers. I'll use one spacing averaged out for my JV kids or explain that you have to 'graduate' to the ladder.

Can I also use these blueprints for max velocity Wicket Drills?

No! This is a common mistake. While both sets of spacings involve progressive distances, they are completely different and NOT interchangeable. With your purchase we'll give you Vince Anderson's updated 'wicket drill' spacings. I also advise against using both in the same session.

Are the instructions easy to follow and explain?

Absolutely! But don't be rigidly attached to them. The number of ways you can use them is limited only by your imagination. As you and your team works through it, you'll find new and team specific ways to get the most out of the charts.

How durable are the charts?

Very durable! We use heavy duty 10mm laminate with rounded edges designed to prevent fraying. You won't be able to easily fold them in half or roll it into a tube. They'll easily survive rain and all other abuse that ruins most paperwork. Any thicker and it would be a brick!

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100% Risk Free

If you're still on the fence, remember...this purchase is 100% Risk Free. If it doesn't work or if you don't get the results you're after, just send us an email by the end of your next season (even if that's a year from now because I don't know what's happening either) and we'll refund your entire investment.

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Finding & Fixing Fatal Flaws in Sprinters

You can't provide solutions for technical errors until you can identify what they are and why they happen. Latif Thomas assesses and corrects the most popular problems found in developmental sprinters. See your sprinters with a new set of eyes.
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Boo Schexnayder's 'Plyometric Training for Sports Performance'

Boo Schexnayder's (LSU) definitive resource on teaching, progressing, and planning plyos. 

This 60 minute program covers: Multijump Basics, Lower Leg Conditioning, In Place Jumps, Short Horizontal Bounds, Vertical Bounds, Hurdle Hops, Extended Bounds, Box and Depth Jumps, Short Term Planning and Long Term Planning.

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Acceleration + Vmax: Drills & Progressions

'Speed complexes' are the cutting edge of sprints program design and implementation. Here, Gabe Sanders (Boston University) takes you through the keys to successfully applying these activities and progressions into your program! (130 minute Zoom Master Class)
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